Age Advice


It’s another birthday week for me.  I’ll carve another notch in the age belt and have to put up with all the questions, like “Why do you wear that belt with all the notches?”

I’ve got one kid that cracked the 30 barrier already and this past week, a nephew hit the big 3-0.  In thinking about it, a bit of a realization dawned on me, so I thought I’d pass it along.

The stages of life are a journey.  I’m further down the road than you probably are, so much like someone who has driven the Al-Can highway, let me warn you about a few potholes and wildlife areas you will probably come across in your journey.

The 40s is the decade where you start going to parties and when you see neighbors or friends, the conversation quickly turns to how your body is starting to fall apart.

Your 50s is a status report on retirement.  You’re either feeling like, “Yep, I’ll be able to hang it up at 65!”  Or, it could be, “Well, looks like I’m working until 90!”  When I was in my 30s, I had quite a few friends in their 50s and in those better economic times, it seemed like that was the decade where people hit their strides, when investments paid off and so forth.  However, it’s just a different game today.  Thanks, WaMu.

With the 30s almost two decades in the rear view mirror, I’m realizing that is the prime decade.  That is the decade where you settle down into you and how you most feel like you.  In the future, as the reflection in the mirror evolves, in your mind you will remain that 30-something.  That’s the big realization I’ve had–that when I think of myself, I’m 35.  Mentally, my attitude, my ambition…so that as the years continue to roll by, I will continue to define myself in my 30s.

Why bring this up?  Because some day (and sooner than you think) you’ll look around and the world will be different, yet you’ll feel the same.  If you are in your 30s, do your best to occasionally slow down and just absorb your life.  Realize who you are and what you’ve become and like it, because that is the “you” that you’ll take with you the rest of your life.

Tim Hunter

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