When Rainbows Mean More Than Skittles

I know a lot of people.

While I may not remember all of their names when I bump into them, there are warm smiles and verbal exchanges that usually help kindle something in the memory department that helps me fish out their name like I knew it all along.

I have close friends, casual acquaintances, business connections, you name it. I know people.  I like people. I enjoy everything about the human race, so getting to know as many people on the planet before I check out has been an unofficial hobby of mine.

And some of those people are gay.

They fall in all of the above categories, with the addition of family members.  Some are also Sounder fans, watch the Home Shopping Channel, while others are into NASCAR, brew their own beer and play Pinochle.  But it’s them, it’s who they are.  Everyone has their own unique set of qualities.

It’s my belief that a lot of the people opposed to the Supreme Court ruling this week–the DOMA crowd–live a fairly sheltered life.  They have either little exposure to gay friends or wear an invisible denial cloak and prefer not to know and acknowledge that reality exists.  But it does.

For the DOMA-teers, let me clear a few things up:

  1. Gay marriage is not mandatory
  2. Gay marriage will not affect the current 50% divorce rate among heterosexuals
  3. Gay couples will gladly not invite you to their events if that makes you uncomfortable.

If you’re opposed to gay marriages because of your beliefs, don’t marry someone of your own gender. It’s pretty easy.

Punishing or depriving people because your brand of religion believes it’s wrong is probably very un-Christian-like.

I remember how Jesus appalled people because he hung out with tax collectors, people you weren’t supposed to hang out with.  No where in the Bible does it say he tried to get them to convert them to carpenters.

Yes, but you’re saying, “According to how I was raised, it’s wrong and it threatens the institution of marriage.”

On the first point, if people get to start determining how other people live, millions of Hindu’s are going to shut down McDonalds today.  Mormons say no coffee or booze, so can’t offend them.  And while Vegans aren’t a religion, we don’t want to take the chance of offending them, so we’re down to just a head of lettuce and some tofu.

As to threatening the institution of marriage?  Really?  By lowering the divorce rate?

We all begin as a couple of cells that split and split and slowly form a human being. Over the years, there have been babies born with parts from both genders.  There are men with feminine characteristics and women who seem quite man-ish. But we’re all God’s children. We shouldn’t be judged by how we end up who we are.  Last time I checked, there was only one ultimate judge that mattered.

The point is, we’re all human beings. I’ve seen people holding up signs lately that says, “Love is love.”  That pretty much sums it up.

Remember, no matter what religion you subscribe to, your beliefs are ultimately personal.  I can’t save you by believing for you.  If you consider being gay wrong and that it’s a path to hell, I believe they’re fine with you believing that because they don’t.  In the end, when we’re all memories of this planet and have gone on to whatever’s next, don’t be too surprised by who you might see in heaven.

It’ll make you realize just how much time you wasted on earth hating something you didn’t understand.

To all my gay friends, open and closeted, this has been a great week and a nice step in the right direction.

Former “Star Trek” actor George Takei posted this after the big announcement.  It sums up things nicely.

Facebook post

This Sunday, the Seattle Mariners will become the first team in Major League Baseball to fly the Gay Pride Rainbow flag at their game. That’s also Gay Pride Day in Seattle and the day of the annual parade.  The forecast is for sunshine and 75-degrees.

I think that says it all.

Tim Hunter

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