Attack of the Silly’s

30 years ago exactly today, I wondered, “Do you think I’ll ever write a blog?  And if so, what is a blog?”

So much has happened in the past 30 years.  I mean, back then, traffic in Seattle was horrible, people complained about Seattle weather all the time and the Mariners were under .500.  OK, well, it’s still different.

Actually, right now, the sun is shining in the northwest and it feels incredible.  Everyone is in a good mood.  If the 7 dwarves were here today, even Grumpy would be Happy, which would mean they’d become the 6 dwarves with a spare.

Yep, it’s the sun.  When that bright shiny orb takes over the sky, people around here go a little crazy.  For example, here at work, several people went outside to complain about work, rather than sitting at their desk.

This morning, I saw a robin enjoying his morning worm with a Mimosa.

OK, now this is where I really lose it.  Years ago, a song came out that was a collection of inspirational thoughts for the graduating class about the head off into the world, called “Wear sunscreen.”  I produced my own version, called “Where’s Springsteen?”

Silliness out of my system.  Back to the working world.

Tim Hunter

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