I Wasn’t Ready AGAIN

It’s happen twice in the matter of a couple of weeks.

This past holiday season, for whatever reason, went so incredible fast, I just wasn’t ready to let go when it  was over.  For the first time in my life, I can remember being genuinely sad that the Christmas season had come and gone so quickly.  Truth is, with the way Thanksgiving fell early in 2012, it was probably a longer season than normal.  But when the holiday passed, it was hard to take down the tree and lights and find myself staring into the darkness of winter.

Now, another season has ended abruptly–the football season.  Oh, a few teams are still playing, battling it out to get into the Superbowl.  But my team, the Seattle Seahawks, were bumped out last week in a game that was just a hair shy of a miracle.  Down 20-0 in the first half, they came back to have a 1-point lead with 31 seconds remaining.  Atlanta came down, kicked a field goal and missed it.  But then it was revealed our coach employed the old “call a timeout at the last second to rattle the kicker.”  That works, when the kicker doesn’t kick it anyway.  This being a rather long attempt, his first kick went wide right.  After the timeout and with a practice kick under his belt, the kicker nailed it on the second attempt.

The time our Seahawks went to the Superbowl the first time was among the greatest sports experiences I’ve ever had.  When you make the playoffs and then WIN in the playoffs, your city comes alive.  People go a little crazy.  We had “Blue Fridays” at work and even a Friday tailgate party where we barbecued brats.  Our living room was packed with family as we watched that first playoff game and cheered on our team.

Last Sunday morning, church’s moved their services to accommodate the 10am game.  Like I said, the miraculous come-back by the Seahawks was deserving of a Sunday religious experience.  The emotional roller coaster ranged from “Crap, we’re down by 20” to, “Got to believe” to “Oh, my God, this is really happening!” to “Bummer.”

Seattle was this close to going to the Superbowl again. I’m convinced this team could have achieved it.  But because of a couple of bone-head losses during the season, they didn’t have that home-field advantage.  Something to ponder deeply in the off-season.  But we’re on the right path, we’re got a team that is THIS CLOSE.  And, of course, all those Seahawks flags and decals that I ordered online in the excitement of the playoffs arrived in the mail Monday—the day after our loss.

No matter.  I’ll just consider myself even more prepared for the next Seahawks season, which is now just seven months away.  But I’ll admit it–I just wasn’t ready.   Hmmmm…..maybe I should put the Christmas tree back up?

Tim Hunter

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