The Things That Make It All Worth It

The alarm clock goes off.  It’s another morning getting underway.  Now, I admit, it’s later than the 2:17am I had the alarm set for back in the morning radio show days, but 4am is still early.  That’s the wake-up time, every Monday through Friday, in order for me to have sufficient time to write material for Radio-Online, a show prep service for disc jockeys, before heading off to my main job as Creative Director for Destination Marketing.

A “normal” work day is pretty much 4am-5pm, with a lunch hour wedged in there somewhere.

I’ve been doing these marathon days as long as I remember.  An 8-hour workday?  Please.  The last time I did those was at the United Airlines Flight Kitchen during summers in the 1970s.  I will fully admit, I live tired.  I know I should get more sleep and I am these days, when compared to my time in radio (5-1/2 hours now, 4-1/2 back then)  But, in both cases, in order to do what I really want to do, I need to sacrifice some sleep.  It’s my offering to the gods of exhaustion, to allow me to continue writing jokes, producing comedy bits, doing side jobs, putting together my annual Christmas CD, hosting events, etc.  There are lots of people making their way through this world NOT doing what they’d like to be doing.  That’s a shame.

I say all this to say that, to be honest, there are times when I’m pretty worn out and thoughts of getting more sleep start sound very appealing.  Frankly, a lot of the things I do don’t create extra income, they’re just for me and my passion to make the world think I’m funny, in spite of my jokes.

So then, Tim, if I may refer to myself in a third person (and yes, you may–wait, who are you?), what keeps you going at such a frantic level?   You’ve written well over 10,000 jokes in your lifetime. Give it a rest!  Grab some more sleep!

I’ve tried.  I just can’t.

So what’s the payoff?  While going through my junk email folder this morning, I stumbled across this email.


About a year ago on a lazy Saturday afternoon, I was playing on the Internet thinking of old friends and acquaintances and thinking, “Where are they now?” I had a hard time “finding” one person, but through the process I came upon your “Wacky Week” site. What a pleasure!

You see, about 2½ years ago, my family and I moved from Lynnwood to San Juan Nepomuceno, Paraguay. We’re in a small town, but the town is in the middle of nowhere. We have a TV, but it’s only local shows and it’s all in Spanish. One of the things I miss from my American life is watching Jay Leno. But now that I found “Wacky Week”, I don’t even miss Jay Leno any more.

So Tim, I just wanted to write you a Thank You note, and let you know that you have a fan down here that reads you all the time. 

E  (San Juan Nepomuceno, Paraguay) 

Wow.  I know that Radio-Online reaches an audience of disc jockeys around the world.  Occasionally I’ll hear from a subscriber in Ireland or someone down under.  But this reader scoured the Internet and is here for the Wacks.  Double-wow.

This is my corner of the Internet what I share with you everything and anything…and, that note, which is really something.

Those are the kinds of responses that make it all worth it.  Thanks very much for the kind words, E.

Tim Hunter

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