Just One of Those Little Conversations

To me, it was funny.

Of course, these days, if you say anything that touches on the subject of race, there’s always someone sitting around, pointing a finger, yelling, “Racist!”

So, in this little accepting corner of cyberspace, I feel it’s safe to pass along this brief conversion between a husband and wife.

We sat there on the couch, as I checked Facebook.  There was an incredibly cute picture of my dentist, dressed up with his darling daughter for Halloween.  I showed the picture to my wife.  “Look–it’s my dentist!”

She replied, “I didn’t know your dentist was Asian.”

I repsonded, “You didn’t know Dr. Hwang was Asian?”

I laughed inside (LIS) and continued going through my Facebook messages.

And time marched on….

Tim Hunter

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