Sheesh! What a Groucho!

“If I held you any closer, I’d be behind you!”

I guess I’ve figured out the Halloween costume cycle.  I remember discovering the Marx brothers late in my high school years.  I even had a Marx brothers poster up in my dorm room.  It was a phase. I remember dressing up once back in college as Grouch Marx…and then, another time around 30 years.   But for a long time, I gave the black mustache and eyebrow paint a rest and tried other bizarre things.

While some adults go fuddy-duddy, I still enjoy Halloween like a kid.  It’s fun.  You get to surprise people and make them say, “Wow, I didn’t know it was you!”  Hopefully I can get a couple of those tomorrow when I got to work with an 80s Rock look.  Groucho is just too messy to wear all day. Your eyebrow itches, you accidently scratch it and then you’ve ruined your look.

But last Saturday night, we hosted a few folks for a Halloween costume party and I decided to go as Groucho. I gotta tell you, Value Village has the used clothes for costumes, but they also have a wealth of inexpensive wigs and costumes.  I picked up a Gomez Addams get-up and used that as the base of my Groucho attempts.  It worked.  It was probably the best Groucho I’ve ever done.

And so, I’ve gotten it out of my system again for anything from a couple of years, to 30 years.  But when I dress up again in the home, I’m sure I’ll knock ’em dead.  At least a few of them.

Tim Hunter

PS  What that elephant was doing in my pajamas, I’ll never know

One thought on “Sheesh! What a Groucho!

  1. PS What that elephant was doing in my pajamas, I’ll never know…

    So we took the elephant to remove the tusks because as we all know…The Tuscaloosa in Alabama!

    And now you know, The Rest Of The Story!


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