Even More Addictive Than Nicotine

I’ve quit smoking.  Many times.

I waited forever to start.  I used the excuse of being the only non-smoker in a an 8-employee radio station, my very first station, as an excuse.  I would sit in staff meetings and breathe the smoke, enjoying a minor nicotine high.  I remembered KING-AM mid-day host, Dan Foley once telling me that the only reason he smoked was to give his voice that smooth sound.  So, I started.  Soon, I was anywhere from a 2 to 3 pack a day smoker.  At that time, 65-cents a pack was the going rate.

I actually quit for five years once…only to fall back into the evil habit.  Finally, in my 30s when Murdock, Hunter and Alice were able to broadcast live from Japan, I had no choice but to quit, cold turkey.

But nicotine was one thing—radio is another.

There are lots of things about radio I don’t miss and it’s a far from cry from the “glory days” I enjoyed.  Living a life where the show was my life.   Pulling in more money than I ever imagined I would earn.  Playing for a living.  It was real.

So when I recently saw an ad for “drive time shift” announcers waned at WARM, 106.9, I wondered what the heck was going on.  I even contacted Tom McCarthy, the morning guy and asked what was going on.  He said he had no idea.  A few weeks later, Tom, Will Johnson and Darryl Summers all found themselves out of a job and a new collection of voices brought in.  I have my opinions on that, but for now, know that I did apply for one of the positions…but never heard back.  Maybe it was my application.  Here’s what I submitted.

I watch what has happened in radio and it’s a far cry from the days I remember.  Two weeks ago, the WARM bloodbath.  Last week, KIRO blew out their morning show and made way for the John Curley show.  John, I wish you well, but I just don’t get that move.  Not that radio shakeups are anything new. Check out this one from long ago.

So, rather than re-entering one of the most un-secure professions on the earth, I’m seeking ways to “get it out of my system.”  To offer the product, but in an archiving way.  To put it out there, to make my mark, to show what I can still do….but in a controlled way.   So, I’ve created the Tim Hunter Radio Station on iRadeo.  I’m going to consider this my depository for past bits and new inspirations.

I’m not ruling out that someday you’ll hear my voice again on terrestrial radio.  But with the horizon expanding and the old ways diminishing, it’s becoming quite obvious that my return may be in a new suit.  In a new form of what once made me feel at home.  We’ll see where the journey takes me.  I’ll do my best to keep you posted in the event you’d like to follow along.

Thanks for the read.

Tim Hunter

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