It’s the Little Victories

So, for the past year, we’ve been living with a very disappointing dishwasher.

The old dishwasher wasn’t getting the dishes clean and so we decided it was a good idea to put in a brand-spankin’ new dishwasher.  We went to Lowe’s…..and then over to Home Depot…and decided to pay the extra to get a more modern, techie-looking dishwasher.

Remembering back, I believe Lowe’s had one that we were interested in…but they couldn’t put it in for two weeks.  Home Depot was able to do it later that week and we had dirty dishes to wash.  However, when they showed up, the one we picked out wouldn’t fit.  So, we had to go with another model, a G.E. and after a week of waiting, that one was finally installed.

At first, it was great!  More quiet than the previous resident, new, shiny….

Then, during one session, I was down in the laundry room and it looked like Niagara Falls.  For whatever reason, the water was gushing out of the dishwasher and heading downstairs!  A couple of months passed by and then it did that again.  By the time I looked up the paperwork, I realized we had missed the warranty period and would have to hire someone to come out.  So,  I decided to wait for the third strike.  It never came.

But, what DID start happening is that the thing quit draining completely.  There was always water left in the bottom of the dishwasher after it ran.  So, it was repair guy time.  I found several in the area and started calling, each time greeted by an answering machine.  Then, the call backs began:  “Oh, I’m sorry.  You’re not in my area.  Let me give you the phone number of my brother who works in your area.” “Hello?  Yeah, that’s my brother, but I don’t cover that area.  Here’s the number of another guy.”

I decided to try a company a friend recommended, gave them the symptoms and was told it was probably a clogged drainage line.  I turned off the power, slid the dishwasher out like I knew what I was doing, squeezed in to reach the drainage pipe and disconnected….and sure enough, gunk was in there.  I cleaned it out as best I could and put it all back together and, so far, so good.

I was braced to call in the pro’s, but took one more swing–and won.  Sometimes, it’s those little victories that mean a lot.  In the battle of Tim versus the Dishwasher, victory was mine.

Tim Hunter

2 thoughts on “It’s the Little Victories

  1. Geez Tim…you’d think they’d have this technology down by now. It’s only going to get more dangerous. Watch for the movie I Dishwasher.


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