You’ll Never Know and It Should Be That Way

Yeah, sometimes it feels that way.

I’m a pretty open book.  I even have a bookmark in me right now, but I’m not telling where.  Frankly, there is so much out there about me on the web and that has been expressed on the radio over the years, if you want to know what I’m thinking, you can probably guess.

Except when it comes to politics.

Oh, there was a time when I was publicly passionate.  Maybe it comes with age, but I’m just not willing to pay the price that comes along with expressing how you feel to everyone. If I keep my inner thoughts to myself, then the rest of my world stays where I want it to be.

There was a time you could debate politics with a friend and afterwards, just agree to disagree.  These days, if you don’t think like someone else, they develop a slight disdain for you.  They believe you “just don’t get it”, you’re a moron or that you beliefs are obviously a sign you’re just not informed.  Of course, they’re wrong on all accounts, but they walk away thinking less of you.

I have my set of political beliefs and they just can’t be dropped into a funnel.  Of the two main parties, there are things I like on some topics and totally disagree with on others.  I’ve voted both ways in the elections over the years and don’t consider myself blue or red.  I don’t want to be limited and last time I checked, I don’t have to be.  I know that my vote is an expression of how I feel, but it’s the group that decides and everyone who takes the time to care should have a say.

It’s easy to identify a lot of my friends, family and Facebook pals by party.  That’s great.  That’s who you are and how you believe and I respect that.  But if I were to reveal my thinking about issues to all of these people, they’d immediately be split into two camps: the “I can’t believe you think that” group and the “Oh, you are so right!” crowd.

I had one friend ask me to stop sending him my weekly jokes because I dared to make fun of his side.  To me, both are fair game and provide me with lots of fodder.  You really need to follow both sides, to try and understand why they say and think what they believe is the truth.  If you filter your thinking by an R or a D, you’ll allow yourself to be brain-washed by some of the best political minds of our time.  That’s what they do.  They play on fears, they rest on stereotypes and they want to  do all your thinking for you.

I’ve never been that way and I’m not starting now. As you read this, you’re probably a friend or acquaintance who falls into one of the two camps. I hope you vote for what you believe in and have a say in our country’s future, regardless of where we’re heading….because we’re all going there together.

A presidential race is a lot like baseball, when you consider Tommy Lasorda’s quote on how every season goes: “You win 60 games, you lose 60 games….it’s what you do with the other 42 games that matter.”  I guess we should be thankful they don’t run baseball commercials like they do political ads.

I’m part of the 42 games when it comes to politics and, in his theory, those are the ones that matter.  Let the die-hard party people blindly vote by letters next to a name.  I prefer to make it my decision.  For that matter, bring on my ballot–I’m ready now.

But you’ll never know which way I’ll vote.  If it makes you feel better, believe I’m on your side.

Tim Hunter


One thought on “You’ll Never Know and It Should Be That Way

  1. I don’t know yoou personally but did get on your blog through a music post (Ibelieve – via Tim S). I’ve read them each time they appear on my e-mail and thought I would give you a……very well said…on this one


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