Welcome to the 50s!

I think you’ll have fun with this one.  For those under 50, here’s a warning of what you’ll be facing.  If you’re over 50, this will probably sound way too familiar.

Steven arrived at work the other day at his usual time.  Early enough that he had to drive with his lights on. At least it was that dark when he left his house.  But by the time he arrived in our work parking lot, it was light enough that he hopped out of his car and headed into the office.  Yes, he left his lights on. Strike one.

When co-worker Scott arrived, he noticed that Steven’s lights were left on and planned to check in and find Steven to tell him about his forgetfulness.  Scott started talking, doing his morning check-ins with co-workers, then headed into his work day and forgot to tell Steven.  Strike two.

Scott and I went out to lunch that day and while walking to my car, he saw Steven’s deceased vehicle and realized that he had forgotten to tell him about the lights.   Oh, well, they were completely out now, so by all indications, the battery was dead.  We figured that when we got back from lunch, between the two of us, one would remember to let Steven know he has a dead battery and would need a jump.

5 o’clock rolled around and Steven was heard asking around if someone could give him a jump.  Yep–Scott and I both came back from lunch and had completely forgotten about Steven’s dead battery.

On the positive side, I remembered I had jumper cables, how to properly jump-start a car and get Steven on his way.

Until the next time…..

I remember the words of Groucho Marx: “I’ll never forget the time I had amnesia.”

Tim Hunter

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