A Two Song Night

We went and visited some friends last night.  They’re in their 70s, we hadn’t seen them for several months and thought it would be fun to get together and get caught up.

When we arrived around 6:45pm, our hostess was struggling with her Nano and a Bose speaker.  She just couldn’t get it to play and she was frustrated.  Just as I was about to offer help, the music began.

With beverages in hand, we began comparing summer stories, laughing, expressing opinions, all while listening to music that sounded like Reba McIntyre.  I’m ballparking it was around 90 minutes into the night that I realized a lot of Reba’s music sounded the same.  Then, I started paying more attention to the music than what was being said. I was trying to memorize parts of the song, so that I could…..oh wait….the next song is starting….the same way as the previous song.

We had been listening to the same song in the background, over and over, for the past hour and a half.  Soon, when it started again, I couldn’t help but snicker.  I felt I had to explain to Victoria what I was laughing at, and so I did.  She found it funny and explained to our hosts what was going on.  Quick laughs from most, but our hostess got up and started futzing again with the music machine.  She announced, “That’s enough of that–we’re going to listen to Enya.”

And listen to Enya we did.  For the next almost-hour, we heard an Enya song, the same song, over and over and over….and then we headed home.

Yep, it was a two-song night.

I just didn’t have the heart to point it out again if no one else was going to say something.

For all I know, that Enya song could still be playing.

Tim Hunter

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