Among The Most Amazing Sentences I’ve Ever Heard

So, we’re at a gathering of friends last night when one of them  blurts out a sentence I thought was a joke.  I did one of those polite little laughs, like, “That’s funny” when it really wasn’t.  Or, if it was, I just didn’t get it.  It was Friday, I was tired.

She then said, “No, I’m not kidding” and then repeated one of the most amazing sentences my ears have ever heard.

“My cousin is married to Keith Richards, so when the Rolling Stones come to town, would you like some free tickets?”

I was in shock.  Of course I would love to go see them, but anything besides nose-bleed sections usually approach the $200 per person range.  FREE?  As in, “So what do I have to do to get those tickets?  Sure, I’ll considerate it.”  But no, she was matter-of-factly asking if I’d be interested.  Her cousin really is married to Keith Richards.

I don’t know when they’re coming.  I do know it’s said to be their last tour.  I’ll keep you posted on whether Mrs. Richards comes through.

Tim Hunter

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