Pretty Obvious to Me

I’m crispy.  I’m toasty.

I’m tired, exhausted, running on empty–I’m pretty much every cliche` you can think of when it comes to being just plain pooped.

Of course, my natural tendency is to dive deeply into the river of denial.  But today, I had a gentle reminder of just how burnt I have become.

I took a break from this keyboard at work and wandered into the men’s room.  After recycling the coffee I had consumed during the day, I turned and looked in the mirror and stared in disbelief.  There, on my shirt was this huge white stain.  Did I come to work today like that?  Or did I ace it out with something in the office?  Just as I approached the mirror, I got my answer….when I saw myself moving, but the stain wasn’t.

Yep.  It was something on the mirror.  The shirt was the fine.

I need a vacation.

Tim Hunter

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