Dear Facebook Friend

Here you go again.

Another presidential election is approaching and already, you’re passing along half-truths and exaggerations as if they’re the gospel truth.

In your one-sided world, only one of the main candidates can be elected.  If the other one gets in the office, Armageddon will follow, the economy will collapse and all of the villains will win.

While I know you’re posting these things out of passion, I’m this close to stop following you.  In fact, I’m betting that between now and November, we will probably be disconnected.  It doesn’t matter if it’s about President Obama or Mitt Romney, politics in the U.S. has become less about the candidate and more about the party and dear God, you better be on the right side.  If you disagree with me, you must be uninformed.  If you don’t think the way I do, you’re wrong.  It’s sad.

So, good old Facebook Friend, I just wanted you to know that when you send these my way, it’s another notch in the countdown until I unfriend you.  Nothing personal, but I prefer to decide who I believe will be the better candidate by myself.

Tim Hunter

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