Giving Second Thought to the Second Amendment

I’ve long been a fan of gun ownership.

Not that I own any guns these days.  At one time, I owned a Russian rifle and a 22-caliber because I thought it was cool to own guns.  I shot them maybe a couple of times, but not regularly.  Then one day, a junior high classmate of my son came home from school, walked into his home, opened up his parents’ gun cabinet and killed himself.  It was shortly after that I took both of the rifles to the local police and said “Melt ’em down.”

However, I still believe those who care enough to own guns should have the right to do so.  However, with that right comes serious responsibility.  As in you are totally responsible for whatever happens with your gun.  If someone steals it and you don’t report it, then robs a bank, you’re an accomplice.  It’s not a case of “Oh well.”  You made the call to have a gun in your home and didn’t lock it up securely.  Congratulations.  You’ve just robbed a bank.

Over the past several days, shootings are rampant in Seattle.  Some are gang-related.  Others are completely random, like the nut job who walked into a coffee shop and just started shooting people.  Six of them. Five are dead.  His family said that he was mentally-ill and they saw this coming.  Really?  So how did this guy get a gun?

Over the weekend, a guy just crossing the street near the Seattle Center was shot in the knee, when a gang argument turned violent.

Last week, a guy who had just picked up his parents in the airport, with his two kids in the back seat of his car, was killed by a stray bullet, most likely gang-related.

You hit a wall.  Seven separate shooting incidents in five days.  We have gun control laws, enforce them.  We have penalties for illegal possession, use them.  We have police to protect us and keep us safe, let them do their job.

I’m going to do my best to stand by your right to own a gun. But know what you’re getting yourself into!

Tim Hunter

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