Those who are computer savvy may beat me to the punchline on this story.  I consider myself advanced when it comes to PC’s and how they work, but I had a very humbling moment today.

I had bought a USB floppy drive.  You know those 3-1/4 floppy disks we used back when the earth was cooling?  I have a draw full of them and there was a time where I stored valuable information on them as a backup, so I thought I’d better retrieve it while the technology was available.

I hooked up this portable drive, the computer said it was installing the driver….and now, it was ready to use!  I opened the “explore’ function and looked for it…and looked for it….and nothing.  So, I brought it into work, thinking that my Windows 7 computer was too advanced for this type of technology.  Same thing, all installed, ready to use….and I couldn’t find it.  There was the C drive….the D drive where DVDs and CDs go….but nothing as I looked down.

Then as I casually went back up to the top of the page to look at the C drive, there it was.  In the place I used to find it on a computer when it was standard equipement:  it was the A-drive.  Why wouldn’t I think it would appear as the A-drive and when did they start putting A at the beginning of the alphabet?

Oh,yeah, Mr. Techy, that’s me.

Tim Hunter

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