Socks To Be Me

I had been doing it on occasion. Last week, I made it official policy.

For years, the clothes dryer has broken up more pairs of socks than anyone can imagine. You place a load in the washer, move it to the dryer…..and somehow, those 12 socks you put in have become 9, with three mysteriously disappearing. Spontaneous combustion? Alien abduction? We may never know.

The bottom line is that I end up with a collection of odd socks. Black, being my primary color, means that I have a single black sock with ridges, another with a design, another that’s mostly the same but different. I believe that right now, inside my sock drawer, I have at least 8 socks that no longer have a matching mate.

So, on the weekend, when fashion slips and we all strive for comfort, I’m grabbing those lonely singles and playing match-maker. If you ever see me on a Saturday or Sunday, look carefully at my socks and you’ll notice they don’t match. It just doesn’t matter to me. Plus, this allows me to keep my complete sets for the work week, where sock-checking occurs less regularly…but a mismatched pair could be quite the embarrassment.

Just sharing my “Casual Weekends” fashion strategy, in case you find yourself in the same position. Go socks!

Tim Hunter

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