I’ve gotta admit–I’m restless

I’ve had a feeling of extreme restlessness as of late.

2012 feels like a year of change, but of course, I don’t want to change for the sake of change.  Whatever I do, I want to evolve, to make sure that every step is a step forward, not laterally or back.

Lately it seems like I’ve spent days not doing what I want to do, but rather than I have to do.  Perhaps that’s just life–whaa, whaa–and you move on.  However, I can’t help but think that I’m just one breakthrough away from just focussing on what I want to do all the time.

I let my mind wander like that all the time, but I do hold on to the leash.  What if one of my screenplays sold?  Or if a job presented itself to create comedy all the time?  If a morning radio opportunity popped up, would I go back to a fading industry? I know, I could invent something!  I could create a product that would filter out things from our lives, much like you can block a certain phone number from calling you.  What about: a Snooki filter?

This marvelous device would screen out any and all references about Snooki from emails, People Magazine, Entertainment Tonight.  Even if I watched an episode of Jersey Shore (that’s a sign I’m close to committment), I would see all of the other characters except Snooki. They could be contact lenses with a computer chip that visually recognized her likeness and prevented her from even appearing.  People would walk up to me and say, “Did you hear what Snooki said?” and I’d reply, “Who?”

OK, I’m tugging on the leash.  Time to come back. The wheels are spinning, the eyes are scanning and we’ll just see what this barely broken-in year has to offer. But yeah, I’m restless.

Tim Hunter

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