Well, they’re at it again. Forecasters are going out on a limb and projecting that we’re going to get clobbered with snow on Wednesday. Depending on who you listen to, up to 14-inches are on the way to the worst-hit areas. There’s a joke there about a guy promising 14-inches, but I’m steering clear of it. Take your cheap shots here. I remember back when we had that huge storm in the late 80s. I was at work in Bellevue, the kids were at a daycare in Bothell and it started coming down around 1pm. Everyone started to bail, hit the roads at the same time, and no one moved as the snow came down. I remember getting close to the kids’ daycare provider and getting stuck, so I had to walk the remaining part of the way at 6pm at night. Yep, almost four hours of panicking and worrying back in the days before cell phones could give you the answers to your worrisome questions. I saw some pretty nasty and cold days back when I played radio in Yakima. It was where I first met black ice, which up until that time, I thought was a malt liquor. I was heading home after a dance in the East Valley area and state troopers had us going 5mph hour on a stretch of road, for good reason. There were many cars in the ditch and the slightest amount of speed and you started drifting sideways. I heard all the warnings this morning—have food in your car, water, essentials, warm clothes….everything you’d need should you get stuck. Something that wasn’t brought up—gas! Keep your car topped off in the event your only source of heat is an idling car. It happens. So, good luck to all as we approach what could be a historical weather event…or the latest in a long series of disappointing weather warnings that have become a northwest tradition.

Tim Hunter

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