The Great Christmas Mystery Continues

I’m pretty sure it happened last year and it’s happened again.

However, I think last year, they had just my name….like “Mr. & Mrs. Tim Hunter”.  This year, the Christmas Card arrived on January 6th, addressed to “Michelle & Tim Hunter”.  Of course, my first question:  who the heck is Michelle?

But, with my name and correct address, I opened it…and it was one of those photo cards–an 8-shot medley with mostly shots of cute kids, along with a pool shot of the mom and dad.  It said, “Merry Christmas.  Love, The Pages…..steve, erika, garret, landon”.  The return address on the outside of the envelope was from Steve & Erika Page in Wisconsin.

I have no friggin idea who they are.

I thought about posting this on Facebook, but I was afraid I actually do know them and forgot, in which case I’d feel bad.  I’m going to ask around with the relatives, but I don’t recall anyone on either side of the family with relatives in that town.

We’ve received a Christmas card from some complete strangers that we have know idea who they are.

And it’s happened two years in a row.

Victoria had the idea that maybe there’s a Michelle & Tim Hunter in Seattle and we’ve been getting their Christmas cards.  Checked on line, but still no answer.

So to the Pages of Wisconsin, thank you so much for the card.  My, how the kids have grown since last year.  I can hardly wait until next year’s card….unless I figure out who you are and how this whole thing happened.

Oh and Merry Christmas.

Tim Hunter

6 thoughts on “The Great Christmas Mystery Continues

  1. Dear Tim AND Victoria –
    I’m not sure if you want your mystery solved or not. Do you? Your very smart and Google literate friend found me, erika page. My family, Steve, Garrett and Landon live in Wisconsin. The kids grow every year, what a fun way to show it off than in a Christmas card to dear friends. 🙂 I indeed have a wonderful friend, Michelle Hunter married to Tim Hunter who lives in Seattle. Ironically, I’ve never met Michelle’s husband or you. Now I know that there are two of you out there. I hope you’re happy to have a Christmas mystery solved. Perhaps I’ll keep you on the ol’ Christmas list though, no one gets nearly enough snail mail these days. Merry Christmas from the Pages in Wisconsin.


  2. What a whirlwind. Tell me, who is Victoria’s former boss’s wife? I read a few more of your blogs and learned that you were Lutheran. Dare we blame this small world on an even smaller Lutheran circle? I am a director of Lutheran Camp in Wisconsin and spent 3 years at Holden Village a remote mountain community on Lake Chelan, WA. I’m intrigued.


    • Victoria’s former boss’s wife does not actually know Erika Page – let’s just refer to her as the “very smart and Google literate friend.” Some might call her determined.

      Annette Dwyer


    • We attend Our Redeemer’s Lutheran Church in Ballard…and Margaret Wetter was the one there who said, “Oh, she’s a counselor back in Wisconsin” and gave me a link to the camp website.


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