We’re About To Hit The Town

Don’t have one of those fancy Smartphones, so I’ll pretty much be detached for the rest of the evening.  Funny how, these days, just having a cell phone and the ability to text still means you’re not fully connected to the world.  The plans are simple: go to dinnner at Claim Jumper with some friends, walk over to the theater for “War Horse”, sneak into a bar before midnight for a toast and the new year….and then head home.

As the clock strikes midnight, I’ll probably head where I always do–appreciative of everything I have, but most of all, my family and friends.  We are all a blip on this planet.  We’re here briefly and then we’re gone.  People 200 years ago thought the most important events of the world were happening around their lives.  Same for those 300 years ago….400 years ago, etc.  This is our world, this is our reality, this is our time to make a mark, to enjoy all that we have and to make it count.  That’s it, pure and simple.

Happy New Year to you and yours and even the ones you’ve rented.


Tim Hunter

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