Who wants to know?

So, it had been a long yet successful week.  To cap off this Friday, I went straight from work to the Country Village Shopping Center in Bothell, to co-host the annual Bothell Chamber of Commerce auction.

I made announcements, read descriptions of auction items, told a few jokes, but when the night wrapped up, I was crispy. Victoria and I made our way through the parking lot, climbed into the car and I pushed the button that turns it on.  Delilah was on the radio, when all of a sudden she stopped talking…and a voice on the phone started saying, “Hello?   Hello?”

I assumed she was having technical problems so I continued putting on my seat belt and getting ready to back out, when the voice continued, “Hello!   Hel-lo!”  I decided to play along and say, “Hello” back to it….and it responded.  “Who is this?”   OK, this was weird.  I’ll play along.  “This is Tim…who’s this?”

“This is Janet…I think you just butt-dialed me!”

Sure enough, while in my pants pocket, somehow my cell phone had dialed up Janet’s phone number.  When we got into the car, it took a second, but my hands-free system eventually cut in…which is why we heard Delilah first, then Janet trying to get our attention.  Now, there she was, on the phone….letting me know that we had accidentally called her…while she was in New York….and HAD been asleep.


I believe everything in life is a lesson waiting to be learned.  In this case, whenever your car radio talks to you, alwyas answer back.

Tim Hunter

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