Just Too Darn Busy

I live a busy life, no doubt about it.  I actually enjoy having lots going on and while I do hear myself occasionally whine about it, I wouldn’t have any other way.

It’s probably due to my long-standing observation that we have a limited amount of time here and that’s it.  That’s obvious from the get-go, but most people prefer not to think about it because it’s morbid or macabe or fearful.  Nope, just common sense to me.  We’re born and we die, those are the rules.  What we do with our time between those two points is entirely up to us.

So I keep busy.  I believe a day will come when I say, “OK, I’ve done enough, I’ll just sit and take it easy” but I could be wrong.  Getting things crossed off my list makes me feel productive and I get a buzz when people comment on how amazing it is I get so many things done.

I do my best to also appreciate the things around me day after day.  Because of my outlook on life, I know things can go away quickly and so I make the most of every minute of every day.  ‘Appreciate what’s around me and not waste a moment of time’ are my two major mantras.

However, recently, the two of them collided.

I’ve been driving a Toyota Prius for over a month now and I love it.  The comfort, the fuel mileage, the comments it gets.  It has some cool features like an iPod connector and secret compartments to hide things.

With absolutely no connection, I recently lost my favorite umbrella.  A big old $50 University of Washington Husky umbrella that I feared I left behind at a restaurant.  I called, they said no one saw it.  Bummer.  Then, last Saturday morning, I was looking for a tool that I normally carried in the car with me and it was no where to be found.  I searched in the house, in case I had brought it in.  I went through the car, looked under the seats–nothing.

Then, I remembered the cool secret compartment of the Prius.  I doubted it was in there, but wanted to rule out all the possibilties.  Sure enough, there was the tool…and the umbrella…and the blanket I had briefly looked for last week.

Yep, sometimes I get too busy.  Too many things are on my mind at one time.  It’s probably the leading reason why you won’t see me identifying the three departments of goverment I’ll eliminate when I’m elected president.  However, if you’re looking for a way-too-busy guy with a Husky umbrella, I’m your guy.

Tim Hunter

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