The first big lie

I was in one of those casual conversations with a co-worker when I
flashed back to the greatest lie every told to me.

No, it wasn’t in an election or by someone I loved. It happened
when I was young—4, 5, I’m not sure–but I remember being old enough to
realize that someone had told me something that was technically true, but in
fact, a lie.

I was getting ready to have my tonsils taken out. I was nervous
about it, but the calming nurse said, “You know what’s so great about
having your tonsils taken out?” “What?”, I asked, curiously.
“When you have them taken out, the next day you get to eat ALL the ice you

“Really? Great!”

The next day, there I was, in the hospital bed….with a throat so
sore, even the thought of having more than one swallow of ice cream was more
than I could bear. OK, technically, I could have all the ice cream I could
possibly want…but because of my sore throat, I didn’t want it! I’d been tricked.

And to this day, I’ve never again agreed to an elective surgery.
When someone asks, I sit down and eat a gallon of ice cream. I’ll show them.

Tim Hunter

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