Secret 2

So, being a nice guy, I probably end up saying “Yes” a heck of a lot more than I should.  But when I was asked by the Snohomish County chapter of WICS (a support group for widows and widowers) to help them create a website, I said, “Sure”.

This is where problems occur.  I set them up in the same system that I used to create this blog.  So, what happens?  The past weeks, I filed a couple of blogs and went on my merry way.

Tonight I realized that I had posted my confessions on the front of their website.  Two weeks in a row.   No one said anything.  Either no one visited their site in that stretch, or they didn’t want to comment on someone who obviously needed to talk about their life.

The posts are down from there, and up here where they belong.


Tim Hunter

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