Can you keep a secret?

I did something this past week that was pretty cool and that,
years from now, I’ll admit. But for now, the secret’s still intact.

My longtime radio buddy Bryon Mengle asked me the other day if I’d
do him a favor. I don’t think I’ve ever said “No” yet, from making
sure he made it home safe after his bachelor party to standing up as his best
man at his wedding.

He went back to my radio days when I occasionally would do a
Mickey Mouse voice and asked if I would call and leave a message for his
4-year-old daughter Alyssa, asking if she could check with her mom and dad
about coming down to Disneyland. Yep, the trip was already planned by mom &
dad, but he thought it would be fun to have Mickey call and personally invite her.
Well, I couldn’t stop at that and since my Mickey voice had slid down in pitch
over the years, I thought I’d add in Goofy (which I can still pull off) and
toss in Chip ‘n Dale for extra effect.

I don’t know how it was received yet and suggested they videotape
it, to see if they could catch some magic. But for one little girl in Bend,
Oregon, this week, she had a magical moment that I was part of….but only her
mom & dad, me & Victoria and YOU know the real identify.

For now, let’s keep it a secret.

Tim Hunter

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