In Control of What’s Meant to Be

I go back on forth between how much we can control in our lives and how we can’t really control things.  You can spend each of your days on this rock frustrated by how things turn out, resentful of the outcome.  You could also choose to just let things happen around you and spend your entire life reacting, feeling like a helpless victim.  Over time, I’ve chosen a blend of the two.

Both times I lost my job, that was beyond my control, but what WAS in my court was the course I would choose after finding myself unemployed.  In both cases, I evolved to a better job, a better position.

Oh sure, it’s easy to apply that rule to major events, but what about the day-to-day incidents that occur?  What is the grand purpose of, say, the New England Patriots blowing a game last Sunday that they should have won?  I’m glad you asked.

That same day, a punk around the age of 20 walked into a convenience store back east, grabbed a 30 rack of beer and walked out without paying.  The owner, beloved by his neighborhood, started chasing the lad.  As word spread of the theft, neighbors came out of the woodwork to help and track down the thief.  Eventually, one man heard what was going on in the neighborhood. stopped working on a clogged toilet, went outside and joined the chase, plunger in hand.

The next thing you know, the beer thief wandered down an alley, where the man threw down his plunger and body tackled the suspect, holding him until police arrived.  What inspired him to be such a hero?  He was a frustrated Patriots fan and thought he would just take out his aggression on this likely candidate.

Why some things happen are no-brainers.  Other annoyances, disappointments and frustrating events have a purpose in our life, to motivate us to do something or to make a change.  Harness that power and you’ll find out that things are actually working in your favor more than you think.

Now, excuse me.  I’ve got to go tackle an old boss.

Tim Hunter

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