Remembering Hayhead Ray

When former KOMO TV4 weather guy Ray Ramsey passed away recently, I shared some stories with you.  But I also promised you a clip or two of the guy in action.

Here’s a moment that never saw the airwaves because, c’mon, we were talking conservative KOMO Country Radio, the MOR (Middle of the Road) Monster of Full Service Radio.

This is a drop that I was recording for one of our Husky Tailgate parties.  I’d arm Larry with a bunch of these back in the day when we’d put a bunch on a cart and when he pushed it, he never knew what would come up–which would crack him up.

This one would have ticked off management so much, we all would have been called into the office. But I wasn’t about to let it go.

THE SETUP:  Ray, gimme a line about the Husky Tailgate party.  And Ray said….

I wonder who Donald was…

Love the classic Ramsey laugh.

Every morning at 6:54am or there abouts, Larry would come out of spots and visit the land of Ramsey.  The goal was to get in a forecast before the news at the top of the hour.  Simple enough.  Ray came to us each morning from a setup at his home, since he had been in KOMO the night before doing the 11pm news.

But Larry couldn’t just introduce Ray.  And all of these things we threw at him, he had no prior knowledge.  Eventually he would get to a forecast.

Here’s a great example

Thanks for the laughs, Ray.

Tim Hunter

Tim Hunter

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