The World Continues To Get Smaller

What nice surprise!  Today, got an email from an old radio buddy who pointed out that one of the jokes I had written was in the Seattle Times.  What was funny was that after all these years of being in this town on the radio followed by 7 years of advertising, I was identified as “Seattle Blogger Tim Hunter”.  I was curious how he came up with that title, since the writer is not on my weekly Wacky Week email list, so I dropped him a note to say thanks for giving me credit.

The author wrote back that he had come across the quote on a humor website, one I didn’t even know my material appeared on.  So, what I wrote in Seattle went to Radio Online in Texas, was distributed to the world, stumbled on to a website, which a Seattle sportswriter picked up and then printed it in my home town.

Seems like a long way to go, but the joke eventually found its way home.  You have to let jokes go and if they were ever truly yours, they’ll find their way back home.  Or, wait: is that someone you love? I always get those two mixed up.

Tim Hunter

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