Seattle Isn’t PC Enough

It’s embarrassing.  I live in a heartless, cruel city that doesn’t respect or understand the feelings of its citizens.  Oh, sure, there are those who think Seattle is already too politically correct.   For example, there’s the city and school district’s current position of dropping the word “Easter” from organized Easter egg hunts and just calling the events “Spring Egg Hunts”.

While that may seem ridiculous to some, it just scratches the surface to others.   If we’re going to be PC, we need to go all the way. For starters, I agree that religion should not be mixed into our public schools and since the words, “In God We Trust” appear on all of our money, all funding to public schools should cease immediately.

But let’s not stop there.  Ask any Easter celebrating Christian what they’re celebrating on that holy day and they’ll tell you “The resurrection of their King, Jesus Christ.”  Well, if Jesus is King, we sure can’t go on calling the place we live King County, can we?

Mondays offend me.  Look up that date on Wikipedia and read the history of that day, and Monday is a chosen day of fasting for both Jews and Muslims.  Awesome, a religious connection!  OK, if we’re going to be PC, from now on, the day after Sunday should be come known as “Tuesday Eve”.

Oh and since it was considered highly offensive to have a Christmas tree out at the airport, let’s just keep going. If it’s wrong to have the word Easter even spoken because it connects Christianity to the government, by all means city workers, guess who’s working this year on Christmas.  Hey, just another day, right?

Nope.  Seattle isn’t PC enough.  I mean, why just be partially insane?  Let’s go deep.  I’ll just take comfort in the thousands of kids that converted to Christianity during all those Easter Egg Hunts that we managed to wedge in over the years before they caught on to our scheme.

I tell you, there are times when I just want to send the entire city of Seattle to it’s room.

Tim Hunter

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