Radio Stuff

It’s going to be interesting.

Today for lunch, veteran ex-radio buddy Scott Burns and I are going to some kind of gathering for some of the old-timers in radio.  I think of myself as one, but they guys are wandering around in their 60s, 70s and 80s, which is ironic since that was the music I used to play.

Bottom line–I’m going to be seeing some folks I haven’t talked with in over 25 years.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

Also, between you and me, I’ve been working on a “Burns and Hunter” internet radio project for some time.  I’ve finally got the first attempt up and running, with a LOT yet to do.  Down the road, I see it being a constant dumping place for those bits that both Scott & I want to do on the air, but frequency space is tight.  So, until a large money offer is wheel-barreled up to my front door, we can use this internet station to get it out of our system.  I’ve got tracks and things up there–some Scott & I have done as specs of a show, others from both of our “Greatest Hits” reels–but after a year of wrestling with the technology, I believe I am finally winning.

You can hear what we’ve got so far by clicking here or here.

Again, INCREDIBLY rough, but you gotta start somewhere.  Details and pictures of the gathering to come.

Tim Hunter

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