The Haunted Clock

OK, Lucy, ‘splain this one to me.

This is an old clock that my grandparents used to have in their farm house that dates back to the turn of the century.  Not this most recent century, the one before that.


It's alive!


My Aunt Judy in Vancouver was the Brandner girl lucky enough to get this and, last year, offered it to me to keep it in the family.  It required some repair work, but eventually, it was up and ticking.

I’ve been futzing with it, trying it to keep exact time.  It’ll run slow, I’ll adjust it.  Then it’s fast, so I tweak the adjustment key again. But for something over 100 years ago, it’s in better shape than I am.

The loud ticking is cool, if not somewhat distracting.  It’s like living near the airport–you train your ears to tune out the planes or, in this case, the clock.  But, go out of town for a few days, or just forget to wind it (which you have to do once a week) and it’ll come to a stop.

I’ll bet it’s been over a month since I last wound it up and it’s been silent for at least four weeks.  Then, suddenly last night, there was a noise, followed by the chiming of 8 bells.  That was weird.

This morning when I got up at my usual 4am, I was in the kitchen and heard the bell toll once.

Just now, coming back from taking the morning shower, the clock chimed 5 times.  Again, without winding it at all since February.

Is the clock haunted?  Is it trying to tell me to play 8-1-5 in our state’s triple choice lottery? (Don’t think I won’t)  Aw, sweet mystery of life, at last I’ve found you.

Tim Hunter

3 thoughts on “The Haunted Clock

  1. Made me jump last night. So odd. I wonder if it needs to go back to the shop. Guess we’ll wait to see what happens or maybe we should wind it. That’s a thought. 🙂 JED


  2. I have the same clock and purchased it at a midwestern MN garage sale spring of 2017 for $20.00. They said it worked but wasn’t running at that time. I forgot about it mostly until recently when I saw my husband had parked it on the stairway landing. One evening recently, my husband and I were on the livingroom couch talking as i also texted. We were about 11 feet away from the clock. At some point I asked him what that noise was, realizing it had been there for a few minutes. The ticking led him to the old clock. We heard it chime about 6 or more times. Stupified, I noted a 12:03 time on it’s display and included the strange occurence in my texting at the time. We questioned how it could start up on it’s own. Did floor vibration o. Ur as we walked around un the house trigger it? But we were just sitting on the couch. I mentioned this in a phone call some days later and sent her a photo of the clock. She Googled and sent this ‘story’ which i have no problem believing is TRUE. Ssme clock. Similar events. Haunted? Maybe. Oh…did i forget to mention it spontaneously began
    ticking about a week later? It had not been wound. Now my husband says it did the same thing 1-2 times in addition!


  3. This clock no lie is in my living room right now the light is going on an off that’s on the same table next to it I watch ghost adventures just got done watching the dybbuk box opening episode I went down stair to get water an the light flicked on an off again an I just noticed its hot up in my room but ice cold down there


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