Thank You, Sonia

I absolutely need to thank Sonia, a T-Mobile employee who works at the Alderwood Mall store, for saving the company’s reputation for me.

Two weeks ago, I went on a business trip to Arizona. When the time came for the announcement, “Please turn off your cell phones”, I obliged.  Pushed that power button and off it went.

After landing, I turned it back on, beginning an endless cycle of powering up, then shutting down the second I touched any button.  I was in town for 2-1/2 days, during which I was directing a commercial shoot for a brand-new client.  Lots on the line…and my phone was dead.  After meetings, I found I had a few minutes to try and catch a T-Mobile store in the area to get help.  A friend with a fully functioning iPhone looked up a store that was supposed to be just a couple of blocks away from the hotel.  After dinner I drove over there…but there was no store.  I remembered our Arizona employee down there saying there was one a couple of exits up the freeway, so I took the chance and managed to get to them 10 minutes before closing.  I walked in, they said they were already closed.  I explained my desperate situation and they called another store and asked if they could help.  The employee said they could, but I’d have to hurry.

Up the adrenaline went as I drove madly to that store which was “ten minutes away”.  After following the instructions, you guessed it: no store.  That was my only time opening over the three days, so for the next two, I borrowed cell phones from people to keep the barest of connection with the world.

Upon returning, the very first thing I did was go up to the Alderwood Mall store right after they opened.  I had made up my mind I HAD to get a new phone. I just can’t afford to find myself stranded somewhere with a faulty phone and no support. I mean, what’s the point?

That’s where Sonia asked me, “May I help you?” and I began to unload on her.  She brought up my account, said, “Let’s try something” and began to work her magic.  Within ten minutes, she had replaced the sim card and my phone was once again functioning.   Why the sim card crashed, I don’t know.  Why the store in Phoenix wouldn’t take the time to try that simple solution, beats me.  I haven’t been a fan of T-Mobile since I left the Verizon family to join the plan of my new bride.  When we moved into our new home, there was absolutely no service unless you leaned up against a window, so we ended up getting a land line so people could contact us at home.

I was at the end of my rope. But a patient, considerate T-Mobile employee named Sonia saved at least a partial respect for their company.  Sadly, as I wanted to tell T-Mobile this “tale of whoa with a happy ending”, I spent 10 minutes looking for a place to do that on their website and came up empty.

So since I can’t sing your praises to your bosses, let me just do it here: Thank you, Sonia.

Tim Hunter

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