Don’t Make Too Many Plans

Apparently, we’re not supposed to make it out of 2011 alive.

Everywhere you look, there’s gloom and doom–and that’s just the U.S. treasury!

But seriously folks…

F0r whatever reason, people are looking for the ultimate way out of this mess of world we’ve got on our hands. First off, there’s been Internet buzz lately about a “Supermoon” coming up on March 19th, when the lunar gravitational pull is supposed to create all kinds of chaos on the earth.  With that rumor already in place, some are pointing to the big earthquake in Japan today as the start of things to come.

Then there’s another group of religious whack jobs who have decided that the end of the world begins on May 21st. That’s be “Rapture” day.  No, not the day that Debbie Harry and Blondie begin a comeback, but you know the old slogan about “Kill ’em all and let God sort ’em out”?  That’ll be the day the sorting begins.  Knowing my track record in dodge ball, I’ll probably be picked last.

This “world coming to an end” thing isn’t new by any means.  My sister Debbie reminded me that she threw a Nostradamus party on that date when things were supposed to end.  Sadly for her, it didn’t and she had to clean up afterwards.  As a young kid, I remember there being a day that California was supposed to slip into the ocean and give everyone in Arizona beach front property. I can still see myself on that day, at 3pm, riding my bike around, waiting for it to happen.  I liked my Sears “Sting Ray” knockoff and thought, if I’m gonna go, I might as well go out doing what I like to do.

Again, nothing.

What if the world really was going to end this year?  How would you live your life differently?  Around six years ago I hit a point in my life where I decided you needed to live every day that way.  When we become complacent or swept up in our busy lives that we don’t notice the first buds on the tree, the colors in the sunrise or the caring in the smile of the person we love, you might as well hit the fast forward button.  Live that way and you’re not enjoying life, you’re just doing it.

Now, this isn’t to say, “Well, if the world really IS going to end in May, I might as well buy that Porsche I’ve had my eye on.”  Right now, evening while reading this rambling collection of words, ask yourself, “Are you doing what you want to be doing?  Are you living the way you want to be living?”  If so, congratulations.  Now all you have to do is pay attention to that dream that’s all around you.  If you’re waiting for something outside of you to make your world a better place, you could be in for a long wait.  Or a short one, if those religious nut jobs are right.

Yes, the world IS going to come to an end some day.  We seem to be doing everything possible to help the cause. If you’re a fan of the Bible, you know that there are warning signs that the end is near–the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, seas boiling (thank you, Exxon-Mobil) and “Jersey Shore” being renewed for a third season. They’re as plain as the nose on your face.

However, for now, I’m going to wait and see.  I’ll continue to savor every moment of my existence and the world of family and friends around me.  But, promise me: if you do buy that new Porsche, swing by and take me for a ride, would ya?

Tim Hunter

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