That One Cost You, Honey

I’m not ashamed of my age.  This year, I’ll be 56 and yes, I can still remember when that sounded old.  I’d think, “Boy, that’ll be right before I retire, everything will be set and I’ll just have to make it to 65.”

For starters, retirement?  Puh-LEASE!

And frankly, I don’t want to ever retire. I’ve been blessed to spend most of my life doing what I enjoy doing and calling it “work”.  Now, between writing, the advertising gig, the comedy writing and more, I’m one happy guy.

So, I’ve managed to convince myself–and it’s much easier when you’re in the neighborhood–that 56 just isn’t that old.  I’m in the prime of life!  I’m just like you, I’ve just been doing it longer.

Today, my wife and I walked into a grocery store and a 20-something stood behind a table offering samples of potato chips. There was cheddar and regular and barbecue and after tasting the barbecue chips, I thought “Man, these are nice and light. Not too oily.”  She added that the bags were resealable, which, of course, would help keep them fresh.  I was most of the way of putting one of the bags into our grocery cart.  That is, until she uttered those fateful words….. “Which is great if you have grandkids.”

Oh, so I don’t just look like a grand-dad, but you think I’ve done it several times over?

“Thanks for the sample,” I said.  Oh, sure, I could have said, “Good thing they’re on sale since you’re only 20 and don’t have a meaningful career so far and probably can’t afford anything but food that’s on sale.”  Or, even the classic, “Maybe when you go home to your mommy & daddy, before you go upstairs to your room that they hope you’ll leave some day, you can drop off a bag for them.”

Advice: before you presume something about someone’s lifestyle to make a sale, make sure it’s something they don’t mind hearing.

That one cost you, honey.  No allowance for you this week.

Tim Hunter

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