The Qualifiers

How do I know where to post what?

I was going through those unconscious rules in my head when I received an awesome email from a friend.  Denny Mengle passed along this brilliant barb, but I had to weigh out where to place it.

Facebook?  Naw, not everyone amongst my friends would find it funny (Oh, HI MOM!)

Twitter?  I sneak a lot of edgy lines there when no one’s looking and this would be perfect, but it’s too long.

Radio-Online?  I write several daily bits and features for that radio show prep service, so morning guys can slug their snooze bar two more times…but this one was funnier if you SAW it.  It’s the reasons mimes don’t work on radio.

So, it’s off to the blog!  Unlimited space, wide-open topics, whatever my keyboard desires. That is why, without any further explanation that I present to you a little piece of writing that is perfect for my blog:


I have noticed that many people who email me have forgotten the fine art of capitalization.  I assume this is due to too much texting in their lives.

Capitalization is the difference between helping your Uncle Jack off a horse and helping your uncle jack off a horse.

Well put.

Tim Hunter

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