Dawg-Gone Good Way to End the Year


Heading into 2011 means we’re done with the first decade of this century.  I don’t know when they start and stop count, but I’m thinking it’s 01-10, right?  By far, one of the most challenging decades of my life to be a Husky fan.

The losing always hurts.  On my office wall is a framed poster for the 2008 football schedule.  That was the year for the first time in school history our football team went 0-12.  To show you what a rotten year that was, even the schedule on the poster was wrong.  It only showed 11 games.  The final loss against Cal isn’t even on there.  My plans are, some day, to find a yellow ribbon that says, “Lest we ever forget”.  Those were the darkest Dawg days ever.

A new decade, a new era for Husky fans.  Our men’s basketball team has been getting better and better under Lorenzo Romar.   This year, they’re not only picked to win the Pac-10, but at least local sportswriter sees them going all the way to the Final Four.  I’m not going to count on that, but this week’s sweep of the southern California schools–USC and UCLA–makes it tempting to believe.

So now, add to this week’s hot Pac-10 basketball start, the Husky football team upending 14-point favorite Nebraska down at the Holiday bowl, and you have a resurgence of Husky Fever that we haven’t seen in years.  Today, I couldn’t help but notice purple shirts and UW hats everywhere we went.  At the grocery store, a friend came up to us and couldn’t want to tell us about how she watched the game and how great it was.

I subscribe to MyNorthwest.com’s news updates and they actually sent out a “Breaking News” alert last night when the Dawgs won.  Then this morning, when I got up and immediately checked the Internet to make sure I wasn’t dreaming, Facebook alerted me that it was Coach Don James’  birthday.  I sent the coach a greeting and couldn’t help but think how appropriate it was that the Dawgfather was still around to see the rebirth of the Husky football program and to a time that, some day, we’ll look back on as the time it all began.

Not meant to be boastful.  It’s just exciting to see that for the Husky faithful, we’ve got a great decade ahead.

I bark for Sark!

Tim Hunter

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