2010–What a pre-game show!

We’re about to close a year that even thought it was incredibly eventful, it feels like it was just setting the stage for an exciting 2011.

Now that may sound way too optimistic, but here’s my take on that–expect less and you’ll get it.  Strive for more and you may just be surprised what happens.

The past 365 days have included the loss of long-time friends, the worry that comes along with tough financial times, the self-induced strain of being over-committed and being way too involved in things and on and on…

But those are all things from which to learn, to grow.  Life is one long class of how to do things better and make it so that you attract better and more positive things.  You can spend your time day-dreaming and not paying attention, or take the posture of what comes my way was meant to be…or, my personal preference–do something to make it better.

It can be overwheming to think of trying to fix everything in your life.  But make a list of things you’d like to see change or improve, then start a second list and write down just one of them. Focus your energy on it.  Just the one.  Fix it and then move on to the next item.  I actually like to tackle three or four things at a time, so I feel a bigger sense of accomplishment, but even just one puts you another step closer to a better place.

2010 also included some minor miracles, the least of which was my wife’s kidney disease going into remission.  Yep, that could gone terribly wrong.  The company where she works was purchased and for a while, we weren’t sure she would continue to have a job.  Eventually, she was hired on.  The rest of the family is doing well, continuing on their life adventures.  My daughter Christina and her husband Ryan have the first grand-child on the way in May.  Step-daughter Kjersti graduated this month with her Masters from Bastyr and is heading out into the working world.  Step-son Nick is ready for a June graduation and has already developed some great contacts in the video game world.

Like I said, while the past year had it’s pro’s and con’s, up’s and down’s…..there was a lot of foundation work done to set up a great and prosperous 2011.  While most years come and go, I have a tremendously good feeling about the New Year.

Join the party!

Best wishes for a fantastic ’11!

Tim Hunter

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