A Personal Best

I had a 10:45am haircut today.  It was 9:50am, less than an hour from my appointment.

In that time, I was going to run to the grocery store, deposit a check at the bank, go to a golf course to buy a gift certificate and hit the liquor store for some last-minute items.

I hadn’t thoroughly planned things out and being Christmas Eve, there is no way it should have been as easy as it was.  I stopped at my brother-in-law’s grocery store, found everything and walked straight through the checkout line.  Next stop was the golf course, where the guy in front of me and the guy behind me were all after the same thing: a last-minute gift card in the same amount. As I headed towards my haircut destination, I came across a branch of the bank and deposited the check in minutes and then swung by the liquor store, found what I needed and with no one in line, whisked right through.

Amazing efficiency that allowed me to reach my appointment exactly on time.  On the way home, from the freeway, I could see the chaos that was Northgate Mall.  Every parking spot taken, shoppers spending like crazy with just hours to go…while I was able to bask in the success of my 55-minute Christmas Eve shopping spree.

Sometimes it the little victories that matter the most.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Tim Hunter

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