I’m trying not to laugh

Losing a pet can be very traumatic.

Pets can become like family.  They’re involved in your day-to-day life for years,  sometimes decades.

Today, a co-worker stopped by my office and we began to chit chat. I had noticed his absence the day before  and he said it was because he had been up most of the night before with his girlfriend’s dog, who, the following day,  they had to have put down.  Of course, going through something like that can be traumatic.  His girlfriend was incredibly sad and so he decided to stay home with her.

I asked how she was doing and he replied, “Much better. In fact, she went back to work today”.I said, “That’s good.  I really believe that going back to work can be healing.  It can help take your mind off your grief and help you in dealing with your sense of loss.”

That’s when he pointed out, “I agree, but she’s a dog groomer.”

So much for that theory.

For the curious, no, I couldn’t help it.  In fact, we both busted out laughing. But it was a very respectful-for-the-loss type of laughter.

Tim Hunter

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