My Christmas Miracle

It was after 5pm.  Only a few stragglers were left in the building.  It was the last Friday we would share together for the year, thanks to the way the holidays fell in 2010. I had just come out of a conversation about heavy things like the future and the company and what 2011 would and could bring.  Since our office pot luck had taken place earlier, I figured an early dismissal would have been in order, but it just didn’t happen.

Our company luncheon had stirred the Christmas spirit in me.  With just 8 days to go, the holiday feeling was starting to sink in.  Earlier in the day, I had found some Christmas lights in a drawer and hung them around my office window.  Since the first half of the lights weren’t working, I carefully arranged the working lights to create a frame around my window.  We had been slow in decorating our home this year for numerous reasons and commitments, but tonight was the night we were going to deck the halls.

Thinking about that very possibility made me pick up the pace.  So, I grabbed my laptop, and wildly picked up my coat, swinging it in the air so I could slide my arms in and get going. In my carelessness, I whacked the Christmas lights and, since they were only attached with Scotch tape, I looked to see if I had knocked any off.

There was a corner that popped off…but the impact of my coat had triggered the rest of the lights to come on.  Instantly, the entire strand of lights was working.

Every year around this time, it seems as thought people search for a Christmas miracle.  They’ll never make a movie called “Miracle of the Half-Lit Lights”, but at least I got mine this year.

Merry Christmas.

Tim Hunter

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