I did it!

Oh, believe me, I’m not proud.

In one of my writing jobs, I actually warned thousands of people not to do it.  Those folks passed on the warning to thousands more.

But sure enough, I got caught up into a very busy day and while whirling around I thought I’d quickly go out to the mailbox and grab the mail.  As I turned the key the to the box and opened the door, I stared at the empty contents as the thoughts flew quickly: “I must be too early, they haven’t come yet.  But wait, that’s odd.  We usually get the mail by now. I wonder if….oh, crap!”

It was Veterans Day.  No schools, no banks and NO MAIL!

I quickly glanced up and down the street to see if any of our neighbors had noticed.  The coast was clear, no one had driven by in the time I had stood out in front of the mailboxes. So if I just closed and locked the mailbox door and slowly made my way to the car.

As far as I know, I got away with it.  But I had sworn I wouldn’t do this.  National Holiday equals no mail.  Pretty easy concept to grasp, yet, for someone, I always seem to forget.  Well, at least it’s the first time since….well, Columbus Day.

Tim Hunter

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