The Rules

Tip of the hat to “new guy” Scott Janzen, who sent this over to me and asked, “Hey Tim, have you got any to add?”

These rules to a great company grew and grew until we had this list.  We’ve discussed it and The Rules will never be finished.  There will always be new philosophies, new situations, new outlooks….but for now, there are enough of them to get you started.

See how these play out at your job.  Oh, and give the minds of Destination Marketing full credit:


Please show up to meetings on time.  It’s rude and disrespectful to do otherwise. Plus, it’s inefficient and costs the agency money.

Matter of fact, show up a few minutes early to make sure you’re in the room for a prompt start.

Things happen.  If you can’t make a meeting, please alert the meeting leader sooner than later.

When you get an email inviting you to a meeting, respond immediately.  Don’t leave everyone hanging.

Not meeting deadlines is sloppy, and shows clients we don’t respect their business.  Meet your deadlines.  If you can deliver the work sooner, let’s get it to the client sooner.  Clients love agencies that over deliver. If a deadline is to be missed, communicate early, certainly before the event has passed – and be prepared to be accountable.

We all get a million emails.  Take a few minutes every hour to at least acknowledge a co-worker’s email with an ETA for a response.  Unanswered emails create bottlenecks to getting the work done.

Proof your written correspondence – emails or otherwise.  We’re in the communications business.  Don’t make the agency look bad.

Show up to work on time, bust your butt for at least eight hours – and then go home.  Repeat the same process tomorrow.

We have the most liberal vacation benefits of any agency.  We want you to take time off and recharge your batteries.  Just be smart about scheduling your time and make sure you’re covered.

If you think office gossip doesn’t make its way around a 25-person office FAST, you’re only kidding yourself.  Gossip will eventually bite you in the butt.

If you’re going to be coming in late or need to go home early, just make sure you communicate it with those who need to know.

To retain a flexible schedule means we all have to be that much more disciplined in our communication to keep our constituents abreast of changing schedules. Over communicate in this respect.

Occasionally, you’re going to be asked to stay late or even come in on the weekend – especially on a new business pitch. It’s the price you pay to work in the agency world.

New business is everyone’s responsibility. The more money we make, the more money WE make. It’s pretty simple.

Don’t make someone else’s job harder.

Don’t create mythical due dates.  Be respectful of others’ time as if it were your own.

Don’t be the clog in the process.  If you have a piece of the puzzle, pass it along.  Inaction creates waste.

You aren’t the exception, you are the rule.

Stay organized.  Chaos is contagious.

Your way is not the only way.

We are a team.  When we work against each other, we work against the team.  When we work around each other, we no longer have a team.

It’s OK to make a fair profit.  It’s why we’re in business.

While we’re on the topic of business, being cheaper doesn’t make us better.  Being better gives us more value.

Everyone here is an expert.  You are not alone.

Taking phone calls during a meeting is rude. Texting during a meeting is rude. Making people repeat themselves during a meeting because you weren’t paying attention or were having a private discussion is rude.

Noticing a pattern?

Internally, we all should win.  We are one team.  There is no need to belittle a co-worker to push your philosophy across.

Rowing a boat is much easier when everyone with an oar is rowing in the same direction.

Think of time as a limited commodity…because it is. If “time is money,” it’s not right to spend someone else’s money.

Work should be fun.  If it’s not fun, it becomes just work.

Use ’em.  It just might make your company a better place.

Tim Hunter

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