Lousy Ending to a Week

Have a happy damn day!!

What a ticker.

So, we had some fun around work, had Halloween decorations up, lots of folks dressed up and got into the holiday this year, enjoyed a farewell lunch with an outgoing co-worker and then, around 2pm, an automated voice message from Chase Bank called my work number….and my cell number….and I’m expecting to hear one at home when I get there on the answering machine.

They were letting me know of some possible fraudulent activity on my Chase debit card.  I checked on line and NO $#^(*!  There was not one, but TWO debits charged to my account from Bologna, Italy.  Went to Azteca for lunch, so that couldn’t have been the cause.  Besides, each was for just under $700.

Of course, I called up the fraud hotline number left for me….entered my account number as instructed….gave my pin number as instructed…and then, was hung up on.  Tried again, same result.  Can I say “third time’s the charm?”  I can say that all I want, but I still got hung up on.  So then, I called and talked to a real person who aimed me over to the fraud department who told me there wasn’t anything they could do about them right now.  That’s funny.  They’d have no problem bouncing a check if I had written something without enough money in the account.  But a transaction that they know is fraudulent that hasn’t gone through yet can’t be stopped.  Remember the old days of  “stop payments”?  You call your bank, you tell them that the pending payment is no good….wouldn’t you think they’d say, “OK, we’ll just stop it when it tries to come through!”

The barrage of questions like “Which state are you calling from again?” or even the classic, “Uh, which state?” “I said I lived in Seattle.”  “Yes, but in which state?”  There’s more than one?

So, 45 minutes later, I’m still no better off than I was when this started, although one of the disembodied bank phone people said I wouldn’t be held responsible for those charges or any overdraft charges that result.  I’m sure my memory will serve as proof enough of that guarantee.

He also asked for my email so that he could send me something that would explain everything.  20 minutes later, I still haven’t seen anything.

Chase, if you’re wondering why we end up parting ways in the near future, bookmark this page so you can understand where it all began.

I’m going to have to visit Bologna some day.

Tim Hunter

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