My Penguin Pal

Can’t tell you how many commercials I have worked on, both radio and TV.  There have been nice folks and then there have been the egomaniacs.

Shellane Adams is one of the good ones.

Shy, timid Shellane with son, Porter

You’ve seen her on TV, pushing those Penguin Windows.  She is the official spokesperson for the company.  She actually first worked for us as an extra for a Mattress Firm commercial shoot we did.  Once we met her, she was invited to audition as the Penguin spokesperson and she’s been around ever since.

She and her husband owned Jabu’s Pub down by the Seattle Center, but sold that and now operate a beer store on Lake City Way that’s doing quite well in this recession thank you very much.

The other thing that’s been keeping her busy (and sleepless) lately?  2-month old Bailey.

How cute is she?

Shellane and 75% of her family stopped by to say hi the other day.  We haven’t had any commercials to do lately and she missed her extended family at the agency.

You can pretty much go anywhere on the web to read about what’s wrong with the world or the deep-down dirt on someone.  If that’s what you were looking for, boy, did you hit the wrong page.   This is just about a nice person whose life path crossed  mine and good people are just worth writing about.

Tim Hunter

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