Diamonds Are A Fan’s Best Friend

So, last Sunday, Victoria and I were fortunate enough to get our hands for tickets to the Mariners game.  Oh, I know what you’re thinking:  “The way they’ve been playing?  I’ll bet if you left ’em in the front seat of the car, someone would break in and leave two more tickets!”  But, my friends, these weren’t regular tickets to Safeco Field–these were “Diamond Club” tickets.

Me & Victoria livin' the dream

You know those people sitting right behind home plate?  That’s the Diamond Club. A place with its own private entrance, that features a huge restaurant and bar underneath the area behind home plate.  From the moment you walk in, you feel what it must be like to be the owner.  People wait on your every move.  Everything–from the pre-game breakfast or dinner, to every drink imaginable at the bar–are included.  No tipping.  These Safeco Field employees are here to serve you.

Want a souvenir that’s not at their little stand?  Let them know and they’ll have it brought down from the store.  “Another Mimosa, Mr. Hunter?”  Breakfast consisted of an omelet bar, bacon, sausage, roasted turkey and pork by the slice, a salad bar with prawns and crab legs and a dessert bar.

Once in our seats five rows behind home plate, there were slips of paper in the cup holders that allowed you to order food and beverages–no hard booze, but beers and wine–for most of the game:  delivered to your seat and yes, included.  There were sodas and all you can eat peanuts and popcorn inside.

Just five rows away!

One of the fun moments came when Dave, one of our neighbors and member of the grounds crew, was working in front of us.  I yelled out, “Dave!”  and he replied “How’d you get THOSE seats?” to which I responded, “We snuck in!”

Dave at work

Scratch another thing off the bucket list.  I have to say, the next time I’m in my regular seats looking down at the folks in the Diamond Club, I will have a much higher level of disdain and resentment towards them.

If you ever can, do.

Tim Hunter

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