A Camping We Did Went


Look! We're camping!!

We did it!  Last weekend, Victoria and I went camping along with a friend of hers from work and my son, Tyson, at Lake Easton State Park just over I-90.

It wasn’t so much about the art of camping or getting back to nature.  After setting up camp, we noticed that sound in the background and even though we were a good mile from I-90, it sounded like it was right next to the camp.  We decided to keep telling ourselves it was the sound of “rushing water….with an occasional semi truck floating down the river”.

But if you feel as though your life continuously gets busier and busier, there’s nothing like a little camping to slow things down, to accommodate some deep breaths of forest air, to watch a squirrel dart around the tent or to cook a ‘smore over a campfire.

Then again, there’s the yippy little dog in the camp next door that hasn’t stopped since we got there, the sound of the lid slamming on the dumpster across the road or even the occasional car alarm going off for a minute or two.  But that’s all part of the camping experience, isn’t it?

Some of my best memories from childhood are rooted in our family camping trips.  The time at lake San Antonio that nearby campers kept playing the Carpenter’s song, “Close to you” over and over at full volume.  Catching bluegill as fast as I could drop the line into the water.  Mom sitting on the step of the trailer as, unbeknown to her, a tarantula crawled nearby (I believe dad splatted it with a broom).  There was the time childhood friend Glen Rico and I were camping in a tent next to my parents’ trailer when a motorcycle gang showed up in the middle of the night and raised hell.  Mom ordered us into the trailer and locked the door.  The next day, the tent was down.

I’ve put a lot of those stories along with camping stories from friends into a movie script I wrote, called “A Camping We Will Go”.  While I’ve got several scripts done, this is the one that I’m determined to bring to the big screen, one way or the other, before I do the big check-out.  It pays homage to all those families who take on the camping world, because while the good moments exisit, it’s those adventure moments that define camping.

We’ve got one more trip in us this summer and hopefully a lot more in the future.  When you live in my neck of the woods and you have actually woods, there’s really no excuse for not taking advantage of it.

Tim Hunter

One thought on “A Camping We Did Went

  1. Tim, when I was growing up, my dad was a teacher so we always had summers off. Between Boy Scout summer camps and family trips, we spent many months criss-crossing the U.S. on camping trips. From an 8 foot “Lo-Liner” trailer that could be stored in the garage to finally a 27 ft. class C motor home, I got to see more of the country than alot of my friends did. Even today we continue the tradition and have a group that has an annual camping trip over to Lake Chelan. This year we had somewhere between 35-39 people. There’s room on the list for more if you and Victoria would like… be safe.


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