OK, NOW you’re messing with my mom

It’s early in this saga, but sister Debbie sent along a rather disturbing email today that went something like this: (actually, it went exactly like this–I’m cutting and pasting)

Mom just called, said she got a call from “someone,” this morning, about “something” to do with her computer having problems. We have not called anyone other than you. She did not get a name, she did not get from where he was calling from, she did not remember what he was saying about the computer, but told him that “her daughter took care of the computer (yeah, I’ll take care of it alright).  She DID get a phone number which I plugged in to see from where the call generated from, and the below response came up.  Looks to be up in your neck of the woods. . So I am finding it very very odd that just out of the blue someone called, only other thing I can think of is maybe someone from Verizon???  I hate electronics, except at work where I can call people to take care of things..

So, someone from up here in Washington state sent my mom something that she may or may not have opened, but that hacked her computer.  If they have her home phone number, what else do they have?  How much else have they gotten off that computer?  Mom couldn’t get a name, but did get this phone number.

Here's where the scum came from

I have plans for this hacker, but I just wanted you to be aware that there’s this kind of sleeze out there and it appears, based right here.

This time, guys, you’ve messed with the wrong mom

Stay tuned for our next war update
Tim Hunter

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