Highlights of the 2010 Lutefisk Eating Contest

It’s a tradition at the annual Ballard Seafoodfest that we sit 10 people down and see who can eat the Norwegian delicacy of lutefisk the fastest.

It opened with each contestant having to down 1.5-pounds of lutefisk.  We went from 10, to 7, to 5….then, after getting down to just 3 contestants, the ante was upped to .75 pounds per contestant.  Then, for the championship and the title, each contestant received a FULL POUND of lutefisk.

Great write up by the folks at MyBallard. dot com, so I’ll let them provide the details.   MyBallard.com

Got another competition coming up in September during the Fall Fisherman’s Festival (how the heck did I get into this).  Will keep you posted on the when’s and where’s.

Tim Hunter

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